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The Red Grouper we offer is caught in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring that it’s as fresh as can be! Our fishermen use sustainable methods that allow our sea life to thrive. We guarantee you will love this delicious fish and want more with every bite!


You can order a fresh red grouper right on your computer screen in just a few clicks. Log onto our website and select from the various sizes and cuts available for purchase. Payment is quick and easy through PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard.


We specialize in fresh seafood and believe our customers are essential to our business. There is no better way to serve and delight your customers than by offering only the highest quality products. Founded in 1987, we have been serving the greater Houston Area for over 30 years. To become a customer of Red Grouper is to experience an exceptional level of quality unmatched anywhere else.


It has been caught right in the gulf of Mexico and is an excellent choice for all occasions. Only the freshest Red Grouper is offered through our online shop, ensuring an outstanding product and a great selection of cuts.


This fresh red grouper’s diet consists of small fishes such as squid, baby crabs, and shrimp. It has a reputation for being fast and robust but also a very gentle eating experience.


The Red Grouper products are offered in a wide range of sizes and cuts, ensuring that we have the options you want. You can purchase a fresh red grouper in fillets or steaks, ensuring an excellent meal!


You can order your fresh red grouper right on your computer screen. Just visit our website, select the amount and size that you would like to order, and complete the payment method. The easy and convenient way to buy fresh red grouper has never been easier than through our website!