Kanha National Park Adventures The Smart Way

The park is famous for its Royal Indian Bengal tiger and has been the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling classic Jungle Book. The way to get to the Kanha National Park The closest airport is at Jabalpur some 175 Kms away. Cheap flights India linking Delhi and Nagpur, property at Jabalpur. From here you can hire a tourist taxi to take you to the park. The closest big city is Mandla about 50 kms away and excellent roads connect Mandla with Kanha. You could even visit Kanha from Nagpur that is some 275 Kms away, and an overnight travel would be perfect with a stop at either Seoni or Nainpur. The way to travel inside the Kanha National Park You are able to travel inside the park either by trainer on the many package tours provided or if you would like to go off the beaten track you can also hire a taxi. The majority of these cabs will be the Tata Indica cars and a few old sturdy ambassadors.

Kanha National Park

You will have to have a guide with you to show you around and provide you the background of every spot. The park is basically composed of flat grasslands known as maidans and lush woods. The big attraction is the wildlife along with the topography. What to see in Kanha National Park The park has lush forests made from bamboo, sal. The big attraction is the Royal Bengal Tiger, but additionally you will find a plethora or wildlife species which include the sloth bear, the barasingha a species of swamp deer, the wild dog leopards, the grey langur, the wild boar, the sambhar, the chital spotted deer, the Indian wolf among a number of different species of fauna are to be found here. The Best Season to go to the Kanha National Park Kanha can become quite hot and dry during the long Indian summer, so schedule your visit between November and March. Occasionally during December-January the weather can get quite cold, so woollen clothes are advised in December-January.

Where to Remain in theĀ kanha national park There are many options to Remain near Kanha. These include the Kanha Jungle Lodge for the adventuresome these are the best choices. These are a couple of places where you could put up while in Kanha. Moreover, there are three star hotels at Jabalpur and a couple of decent ones in Mandla too. But remaining near Kanha would provide you a sense of the jungle ethos. What to eat at the Kanha National Park Many of the India resorts near Kanha have adequate boarding facilities. Many provide continental breakfast and meals. They also arrange for adequate packed picnic lunches which you can carry with you throughout the safaris.