The practice of the religion to follow

At the point when men explode themselves for the sake of Allah they have no clue about that they are doing it for the sun. ‘Allah’ is from ‘el-an’ and it signifies ‘lord of intensity’ and in Babylon it was the sun, Mary. The last name signifies another’s amazing eye’ and it was the object of strict development and the beginning of Islam. Following my resurrection and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe my bonus is to eliminate the mass of visual impairment. There is no paradise or damnation and heaven is a portrayal man had always wanted for a superior post-existence than the one suffered in a body. Everything started with sun-love in antiquated occasions and the proof for it originates from a few centuries prior. It is found in archeological destinations from the time of stone instruments and the universe of Homo erectus.

Entombments with grave products part with the desire for revival of the bodies and they date from more than 500,000 years back. Penances at the hour of interment likewise highlight such reasoning, particularly when creatures that were viewed as the revived pictures of their previous selves were found in grave locales and get latest news about Shincheonji. Force originates from the possibility that men can become divine beings yet ladies could not and that recounts to another story whereby Mary, the stylized picture of the star, turned into their mate. In this way she is the ‘prostitute’ of Babylon in light of the quantity of men who mated with her, at any rate in their brains Revelation 17.5 . One researcher Davis selects that in certain spots endless men relinquished their lives thusly that networks vanished subsequently.

To ‘wed’ Mary men needed to kick the bucket on crosses at day break, when the lovely star shows up in the refracted light going through an article. It is shaped of rings of rainbow hues that are never-endingly moving, in this way demonstrating their capacity. Integral to it is the right-calculated cross, a consecrated sign in Christian religions. The cross turned into the ‘pony’ or-s which signifies headlight’ and sonnets exhibit that men rode sunbeams into paradise. From this start came Islam, the primary proper religion, and it began in Babylon, the home of the Amor. These are similar individuals who manufactured the Persian Empire and afterward Roma turn around Amor . One of their relatives was Constantine who set up the Catholic Church dependent on Islamic standards.