Healthy Way of Living with Kaustub Desikachar ideology

kausthub desikachar

Kaustub Desikachar is a yoga teacher who has taught millions of students around the globe. He has also written several books, including Yoga Pradipika, The Yogi’s Way of Life, and Meditation for Beginners.

He has been a yoga teacher for over 30 years. He teaches at the Kaustub Yoga Institute (KGI) in Chennai, India.

The foundation of his institute

KGI was founded in 1986 and is now one of the largest yoga institutes in Asia. The institute offers training programs, workshops, and retreats in various styles of yoga, from Ashtanga Vinyasana to Iyengar.

  • Iyengar yoga focuses on precision and alignment of movements. This type of yoga emphasizes proper technique and poses specific to each person.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasana is a dynamic flow of movement that builds strength and stamina.

His idea behind his practice

He has been practicing yoga since he was 19 years old. Today, he teaches yoga at the age of 65. His book, Yoga For Healthy Living, says that yoga helps us live longer lives, reduce stress, improve our mental health, and enhance our overall well-being.

In his early 20s, he started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. This form of yoga involves continuous movement from postures to breathing techniques. It develops strength, flexibility, and stamina. It also improves concentration and focus. The practice of yoga requires discipline, patience, and perseverance.

kausthub desikachar believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. In his classes, he combines the practice of yoga with meditation to create an experience that is both calming and energizing.