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Is Facebook Marketplace a viable option for landlords?

Facebook is a huge social media platform that is transforming businesses every single day. So it comes as no surprise that it has now turned its attention to landlords looking for new tenants. This entire process can be soul-destroying, so could Facebook Marketplace be a viable option to make it much easier?

Facebook Marketplace

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When should Facebook Marketplace be used?

Many people think Facebook Marketplace is the next thing to take over the online rental world. Sites such as Rightmove are set to be pushed out. But the truth is that Facebook Marketplace is something that should only be used to generate interest and leads for your property. Exclusively using the platform for your rentals could end up hurting you in the long run.

Should Facebook Marketplace be used by landlords?

If a landlord is having a hard time renting out their property, Facebook Marketplace can absolutely be a viable option. It’s important to know that this tool exists online, so the property can get that extra hit of exposure it could desperately need.

Facebook Marketplace

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Another great tool any landlord can use to get their property rented out faster is a property inventory app. Software such as makes the inventory process a lot easier for both tenants and landlords when they are checking in and out of a rented home or building.

Why is Facebook Marketplace used by landlords?

The reason that this has become such a viable option for renting out properties is because of how much exposure and interest you can generate in a few clicks of your mouse. Many landlords have experienced huge growth in their leads for rental properties that have sat dormant on the market for months, just by using Facebook Marketplace.

Over 35% of Facebook users will visit the Marketplace every day using the popular social media platform. While this may seem like a small number to you, think in realistic terms how many people log in every day to check their feed. This percentage means millions of people flood the Marketplace and if your property happens to be listed there, it’s going to get a tonne of exposure. At no cost to you and for the benefits you could reap, it’s definitely worth a try.