Birth Mother Support Groups: Needed Or Not?

birthmothers support group

Giving life to a newborn baby is no more than a miracle in itself. Not only a child is born, but a mother is also born too. Recreating life gives a new understanding to women emotionally, physically, and mentally. Many women have to donate their child to someone else because of financial reasons or family reasons. As simple and easy as it seems, it is very uncomfortable for new moms to donate their children. This pain often turns into depression for many and also leads to long term sadness. To prevent women from suffering and feeling pain, there are several Birth mom support groups in the adoption centre itself where different mothers can meet each other and share their stories. But is that needed?

Sharing reduces the misery

When people find someone else like themselves they feel endeared. People feel homely and share their pains. Not only this, but they also encourage and motivate each other to live life with a positive attitude rather than a negative one. Here, different women can openly share their feelings without being judged. A person needs someone to understand them, and that’s what the women in a birthmothers support group do.

Meeting with their kids

Women often get depressed because of the absence of their children. But when they come to the adoption centres they can sometimes meet their children. In maximum issues, if the child is adopted by someone else then the new parents might not be close enough to meet. But, mainly it happens that the new parents of the children also bond up with the women in the groups. This makes the birth moms a ton happier and reduces their anxiety and grief.


Whether the child is to be given or not is in the hands of the mother, but various unseen factors also compel women to take such steps. It’s always better to take help from such groups or organisations. A happy woman will make a happy family in the end. Only a pain bearer mother can know the pain of another mom and this philosophy applies to these support groups.