Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bills This Winter

Energy bills are at their highest during the coldest months of the year, but that does not mean you have to spend all of your hard-earned cash trying to stay warm. There are plenty of ways you can reduce your energy bills this winter.

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Turn the Thermostat Down

If you turn your thermostat down by just a small amount, you won’t notice a big difference in heat output, but it can save you money on your energy bills. According to Which?, reducing the room temperature by just 1ºC can cut heating bills by up to £85 a year in a typical home.

As well as turning the thermostat down, turn down the settings on radiators in seldom-used rooms.

Switch to Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

As the darkest time of the year is when you are most reliant on lighting up your home, now is a good time to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. These bulbs last up to ten times longer than standard bulbs, which could equate to a saving of around £55.

Reducing energy consumption

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Insulate Your Home

If your home is properly insulated, you lock heat inside the building, reducing your reliance on turning the heating up to keep it warm. A home that has been insulated can, therefore, make result in savings in winter energy bills. As well as insulating the loft and getting cavity wall insulation installed, make sure your windows and doors aren’t allowing any draughts to seep in. Consider getting double glazed windows and doors from companies such as firmfix, who provide Double Glazing Evesham way and elsewhere.

Invest in a New Boiler

A sluggish boiler won’t do your energy bills any favours, especially when you need it most during winter. Getting an old boiler upgraded is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Although getting a new boiler doesn’t come cheap, it will be well worth it in the long run, as you could save around £650 a year on your heating bills.

Don’t Leave Appliances on Standby

Simply switching appliances off standby mode can make a difference to your energy bills, so get into the habit of turning things off after use. You might also wish to consider purchasing a hand-held energy monitor to check which appliances are guilty of racking up your energy bills.