Executive Security with Protection Training

More elaborate security. Start looking for hotels in low-threat surroundings, ones with good safety equipment such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, electronic door locks and security video cameras throughout the resort for detecting and monitoring unauthorized persons.

Ask about your hotel’s security plan. Prior to check, find out if your hotel has good public access control and a safety section with the sacred responsibility for protecting the lives and well-being of their guests. The harsh fact is that a number of hotels abroad have safety personnel that are unprepared and unequipped, are bad at what they do, and its members could be vulnerable to bribery. This information is best achieved from a trusted business associate or other source in the nation, as opposed to the hotel itself, which might offer empty assurances to raise the hotel’s occupancy rate. To satisfy hotel safety issues, many multinational corporations employ executive protection risk management companies to run hotel threat assessments to minimize risks and optimize executive security interests.

When choosing a hotel, locate the best possible neighborhood. Prevent hotels located in questionable neighborhoods or close gritty bars, clubs or disorderly crowds. These areas have obvious security implications and must be avoided to minimize contact with possible criminal elements. Think about the resort’s proximity to possible kidnap risk places and click to the site Avoid poorly preserved resorts in older sections of town, which are generally located in the outside borders of town. There should not be a background or credible advice of kidnapping within 20 miles from your favorite resort, and all public services should be working at normal levels such as police, military and communications.

Weak security and lack of training in dealing with kidnap threats have made many resorts and surrounding areas fertile ground for hostage takers. Many posh four- and five-star resorts in kidnap hotspot countries are labeled soft-targets for pre-surveillance kidnap actions. Kidnappers employ people to run surveillance on potential targets in addition to other members of the local people who support the kidnap effort. Watch for anyone loitering in halls, lobbies or public places or for anybody carrying items that could be utilized as a weapon. Exit from hotel automobiles and respectable taxis as near your hotel entrance as possible and in a lighted area. Before exiting the car, ensure there are not any suspicious persons or activities.

Executives and EP Professionals need to make certain that their resort has powerful security arrangements in place. Including higher, cameras and positive entrance controls aided by digital devices such as metal detectors or x-ray machines. Parking should not be permitted along the face of the resort, and the onsite parking areas should be evenly lit with no dark areas to provide hiding places.