Review Of Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie

Anaganaga O Athidhi is an achievement film for PayalRajputs’ vocation. This film is made in an anticipation town foundation. This encourages you a great deal about the conduct, cash is a factor which can a human in a second. Also, that is the only factor which will make people chase at anypoint of time. Something fundamentally the same as happened to mallika, who didn’t get the flavor of cash appropriately. The ravenousness in her made her something wild and much more moronic. latest telugu movies like these educate about existence and its effortlessness. Anaganaga O Athidhi movie online can be viewed on Aha cheerfully.


Certainly one thing that all individuals try sincerely and need for is cash. There is no individual who probably dismissed the cash. All things considered nearly something very similar happens to our lead job. Malika is exceptionally troubled about her life, she needs to be cheerful however life doesn’t uphold her. She intends to have a decent life. She is the correct age for marriage however nobody cares as she is poor. She is totally spurred to do anything for cash. In that cycle a spiritualist advises that she will have a decent life and karma will thump the entryway soon. That evening a man visits their place and approaches them to allow him to remain for one evening. He gets a sack which is loaded up with gold and money. They voraciously raise them. They attempt all the techniques to get that cash from him showsing him counterfeit love, drawing him with desire and may have high odds of murdering as well. Since they have cash they generally consider it. Out of nowhere it’s a bonanza so watch the film to know how they get cash or will they really get cash.

Technical Aspects:

  • All the angles in the film were simply made to be great. Discussing the story this film has an extremely solid story which shows you how you shouldn’t be and differentiates between wish, need and veracity of cash.
  • Film goes in a genuine moderate state of mind. The set and all are a great idea to make the state of mind. However, the film goes delayed to the real point where you may get exhausted.
  • Specialized team from colourist, Editor, Vfx and all are at the correct point and the film looked amazingly well on the screen.
  • Exceptional notice of the cinematography and lighting, they were sufficient. While watching it look straightforward and alluring.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Chaitanya Krishna

Actress: Payal Rajput

Other Actors:  Veena Sunder, Ananda Chakrapani

Director: DayalPadmanbhan

Producer: Raja Ramamurthy, Chidambaram Natesan

Editor: Preethi, Babu A Srivastava

Music Director: Arrol Corelli

Cinematography: Rakesh B

Story Writer: DayalPadmanbhan

Art Director – VithalKosanam

Other Information:

Running time: 90mins

Release Date: November 20th,2020

Genre: Thriller

Available on: Aha

The latest Telugu movies are reasonable and relatable. Anaganaga O Athidhi movie is the most ideal alternative constantly. A must watch!