Advantages of the YK11

YK11 is favored by most body builders due to its effectiveness on muscle growth without any side effects.It also has bone developing properties in it, which make the users strongerwith its strong protein base. This compound has proven a lot of benefits from its usage.


First of all is that it increases your muscle size, obviously. Although it is not a SARM, the YK11 has amazing performance that stimulates muscle development. The reason behind this is that the substance increase natural follistatinlevels, that promotes one’s body’s ability to create muscle cells. Follistatin suppresses myostatin, which, as a result, gives potential for a much muscle growth as possible.

Second, the YK11 helps strengthen bones as well, which is very beneficial for weight lifters. It finishes bone fragility through binding the bone’s androgen receptors. Another benefit of the YK11 is that it gives the consumer a lot of energy to exert during exercises and workouts.This is considered an added benefit as the more energy you have for exercising, the more muscles you will end up building.

Furthermore, the YK11 has no side effects on one’s body. However, that depends on the dosage you take, if you take more than side effects might arise, although they might not be as dangerous. This compound is mild, so if you use the correct amount, there will not be any problem.

There has been no proof of the YK11 being dangerous for your vital organs, like for your liver. Conclusively, it is very safe to use and even if side effects occur, they will not remain for long.

YK11 has proven itself as a very strong and safe substance for body builders to rely on. You will see how easy it is to find all sorts of reviews and more on the internet about it. You can read the full info here.