Get your bottom line cents is used for shopping

One of the ways to improve your practice’s health is to be certain you are currently getting paid up front. By that mean to place your customers on the expectations that payment is due at the time of service. Payment is expected before the beginning of the appointment. When talking about how to handle money issues with 20, reminded of something my manager said to me. He said are you comfortable with the prostitution principle after giving this some thought and wondering when I should understand what it meant said, no. He said, the value of a service greatly diminishes after it is been received. Apologize if this is somewhat crude think it illustrates an important point – until you begin your session get paid your payment will be judged in the context of the session went. Is to be negotiating payment based upon how well you do each trip.  do not believe there could be although customers would expect us to do. Here are some reasons why you need to get paid.

Customer service delivers

Frequently is that it may be awkward to ask at the session’s end. By way of instance, you have a customer whose session has gone over a bit. You are trying your best to wrap things up so that you can see your customer, but then you realize that you have not gotten paid. Given that your customer is highly charged you might feel so you tell yourself that you can get it next time, it is uncomfortable and/or inappropriate to ask under these conditions. This may be OK if limited to conditions that are rare where you draw the line given the nature of the job we do, there is always the potential to terminate the session with the customer. Asking for cash during those times could be perceived Asia do not really care about how you are feeling right now, only need to get paid.

Have a customer who comes to appointments overdue. Does she come but she does not think to write out a check more info must had been a better planner she would say to herself, because am always late, perhaps should write my check out beforehand because know how much my co-pay is. Getting her is a challenge, so talking in the session’s end is. Before started expecting payment and ask in the end for it. As you can imagine, we as therapists frequently have a good deal of our minds – the demands of our customers, and our personal needs while at work eating, using the restroom, calling home, catching up on phone calls or paperwork, etc Often at the end of the session start thinking about what is next – who’s on my schedule, what do want to do before my next appointment, etc and discovered that these needs are more in my own awareness After my client left that realized  forgot to ask for their payment, there have been many times.