What about Rovert Light Products and it is Facts?

In the past few years we have seen a big growth in fresh light food and beverage products. They have become highly popular in about any diet available. Regardless of the unbelievable rise there is still a great deal of people out there struggling with excess fat. The majority of them are utilizing light products with no results. So what is really going on? There is so much confusing marketing and incorrect data in the mass media that simply sabotages people diets. What occurs nearly always is that people get duped by what the front of the package says, which makes them believe what they buy is healthy. This is what I call label trickery. Below are a few of the labels of light products that the companies use: low fat, reduced sugar, reduced fat, low cholesterol, 0percent, low carb, 99 percent less fat, etc

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The firms use a lot of labeling tricks: for example let’s examine 1 box of teeth labeled as sugar free: if you examine the ingredients list you may discover a lot of artificial sweeteners together: aspartame, sucrose which are equivalent or worse than sugar, along with other bad ingredients like additional colorings, conservatives etc. and of course there is nowhere listed sugar. Similar things happen With reduced fat products such as meat or cheese; at front they may write for example 30percent less fat, now in case you take a great look behind in and the ingredients list and assess how many calories come from fat then the percentage will be completely different maybe 60 percent of fat The trickery continues in most types of foods and beverages with hidden fat, sugar, sodium and worse concealed bad fat such as trans fat.

Many so called experts Insist that we need to eat these products during diet and the worst thing is that people believe them What if everybody finally do? Here is my advice; avoid light products such as the mouse prevents the kitty. Always check labels in everything you buy do not trust anyone and insist on purchasing the actual products organic if you can afford it: the true cheese, the true yogurt, the true meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. Cook at home no longer pre cooked foods and eat in moderate portions. Last but not least include some regular exercise enough to increase your pulse within the comfortable level.