How to choose a rocking chair

The humble rocking chair has been a common sight of modern home life for a long time, often being handed down for generations. Adding one to your home can be a lot more comfortable than you might think.

You can customize them to suit different environments, from the living room to the patio in a Mediterranean style. So how do you find the best chair rocking for you?

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Things to consider when choosing one:

Where it will be used?

Where the seat is located will be a major determining factor as to what it should be made of. Bright and classy hardwood works very well for the rocking chair in the living room. Some good choices are ash, teak, and cedar, for example.

You can choose the type of finish that works best for your decor. Paint, varnish and clear lacquer finishes all offer a stylish look for a wooden chair. The best choice will depend on the room in which you want to put a rocking chair.

Heavy glide rockers work very well outside on a patio, but they look awkward and clumsy inside. However, a rustic rocking chair is a great addition to either indoor or outdoor decors with a rustic theme.

Planning ahead

If you are looking for a new rocking chair, it’s smart to start looking early. It can take a while to receive delivery and a customized rocking chair can take months. If you book online, you also have to put the chair together. If you’re seeking one for nursing a new addition to the family, it’s wise to order ahead.

Know Your Options

Do not just choose a rocking chair without knowing all of your options. You may find things you like better if you keep looking. Do some research and decide what you want and need before you actually start shopping. You will understand better what your options really are and what certain terms mean.


All brands will offer chairs with various features. Do some research to see what people are saying, positive or negative. Reviews from customers are an excellent resource that can tell you a lot about the product. See reviews on different sites to get a more well-rounded opinion. A long-standing favourite is the Eames Rocking Chair from a site like

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Look at Tech

With new technology comes new customization options for the rocking chair. You can now find the latest massage chair technology and heated coatings, for example. See what’s out there.

Plan around your Décor

Choose a rocking chair that will fit the design of the current space. Will you be using the chair for a nursery, relaxing in the living room, rehabilitation, or for a social space? You’ll find a wealth of designs that are available for use that will fit your decor. You should also ensure the rocking chair will fit into the space you want. Check the measurements of the door, too, because you want to be able to get into the chair into the room.