When buying a log burner or multi-fuel stove think about all your options

A stove that burns logs or some other kind of fuel can be a wonderful addition to your home, providing warmth, a cosy focal point to gather around, and can even save you money. There are a few important factors, however, that you must consider before you purchase your new stove.

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Complementing your lifestyle

There is a large choice of stoves available, so, first of all, think about what kind of stove will make a positive impact on your home life. Think about how much work you expect the stove to do, as there is a significant difference between a stove that only has to warm one room and a system that can heat an entire house. There is no point buying a stove that produces too much or too little heat, as this will either be a waste of money, or you will be shivering.

Your stove may need to be building regulations-friendly, and you will probably require a professional to install it. Also, remember that there is a certain amount of work involved in removing ash and keeping the chimney clean. For more on why a clean chimney is important, see this report from The Telegraph.

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Other Options

You of course do have lots of other options when it comes to heating which you do need to consider.  One very good choice to think about is installing Aluminium Radiators UK products around your home to heat every room an equal amount.  This means that you don’t have to worry about going out in the middle of the night to buy wood or pellets, the heating would come on through your boiler.   Just contact a company like apollo radiators to find out more about what types you can get.

Fuel for thought

You also need to consider what kind of fuel you hope to burn, whether there is a supply near your home, and where you will store the fuel. Fuel options include coal, pellets and carbon-neutral wood. A multi-fuel stove can be more flexible, and many areas have smoke controls in place, so to use wood as a fuel, you would need to look at approved multi fuel wood.
All stoves must have an efficiency rating, and the minimum is 65 per cent. A higher rating means that the stove is more efficient, and will be better for cutting fuel bills, and some models have cleanheat technology to mix in more air for more efficient burning. The stove should also have a CE mark to show that it meets accepted European safety standards.